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I&P Where We've Been

Roslyn WA - Incense and Peppermints Blog

Well here we are Autumn 2017 in all of it's glory, and as is typical for me I have been so lax at continuing my commitment to update this blog.  Ugh, well you know what they say about excuses, therefore I will refrain from the temptation.

Frank and I have been on an incredible journey with our studio on wheels.  Life has not been stagnant for us by any means.  Each time we find ourselves looking beyond the horizon and believe this is it, life throws us another curve ball...Never a dull moment.

We spent quite a bit of time in Roslyn, WA last year and wow we both immediately fell in love with Roslyn.  A quaint little hippie/artisan town tucked away in the stunning Cascades of Washington state, and yes we thought "this is home" but as the story goes the universe stepped in and away we went.  I miss you Roslyn and I dream of seeing you again.

I'll tell you more about Roslyn later

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